Stage two for Multi-million-pound Renovation

The £2.3 million renovation of the Buttrills Estate is now in second stage. In 2017 the previous Conservative administration in the Vale of Glamorgan Council approved the £2.3 million renovation to the estate. The investment has been designed to improve a number of properties throughout the Buttrills estate, including a full refurbishment of Awbrey House, which was completed in early 2019.

Councillor Leighton Rowlands said, “I’m delighted that the second stage will be commencing this September. This will see the renovation of the Bungalow Gardens, the community area surrounding Awbery House like the paths, drying area and the renovation of North Walk Fencing and seating.”

Councillor Vincent Bailey said, "We have written to all residents to advise of them of this and to inform them that an open day has been arranged at Awbery House. This will give the residents an opportunity to seek information on the second stage of the project.”

Alun Cairns MP said, “I'm pleased that second stage will be commencing this September, back in 2017, myself and the local councillors organised a public meeting for residents and back then we said we will make sure the residents are consulted in the whole project. I had the privilege of seeing the completed works on the external of the building and what a difference this project will have on the lives of the residents.”