Become a Council Candidate in 2022

The Vale of Glamorgan Conservatives looking for local champions to stand at the next Local Government elections in 2022.

Are you a Conservative who wants to unleash the Vale Potential? If so, you are an ideal candidate to become a Conservative councillor.

With the recent General Election result there no is better time to become a Council Candidate. 

Becoming a Conservative councillor is a uniquely rewarding experience. You will be responsible for making decisions on behalf of local residents as well as having the opportunity to help your local community.

The Vale Conservatives philosophy is in county halls and council chambers, councillors and officials start with the best intentions and yet somehow, many lose touch with the public and become institutionalised. 

That why instead of chasing Welsh Government plaudits or the approval of unelected officers – our target must be to earn the support and respect the public who put our councillors there. 

Our councillors must be prepared to take difficult decisions and to act in the interest of the community. Our councillors are here to serve the people to deliver their priorities and to embody their voice. And you can be a part of that and unleash the Vales’ potential.  

Locally we are fighting for 

  • Continued investment in our Roads – under our administration we invested over £3million extra into road resurfacing and this has made a real difference but there is much more to do. 

  • Fight for fairer Council Tax – we will keep council tax bills low as possible – without compromising the council’s finances. 

  • Making the Council more accessible and relevant – we need to cut the ‘jargon’ and take council business out into the community at the same time making the council the most transparent and open in Wales.

  • Fair funding for Education – challenged the Welsh Government to use the boost in education funding from Westminster to change their current school funding formula, which currently underfunds schools in the Vale.

So, if you want to unleash the Vale potential and act in the interest of your community – then help us by becoming a candidate. 

If you are interested and would like a application form please either phone the office or drop me an email at


Yours sincerely, 


Cllr Leighton Rowlands
Deputy Chairman (Political & Campaigning)
Vale of Glamorgan Conservatives